What is a Security Deposit Guarantee? Our Security Deposit Guarantee replaces cash security deposits with a smart, affordable deposit guarantee so renters can maintain control of their cash. The Padder Approved deposit guarantee secures the home for the property owner in case of damages.


How does Padder Approved work? Padder Approved is a rent guarantee product that removes the risk for landlords and empowers their tenants. Landlords can decide to make new leases Padder Approved and enhance their rental.


Is it really free? Yes! Our core management platform is free for landlords and their tenants. We’re committed to giving independent landlords simple, powerful tools to run their rental businesses for as little cost as possible. We have premium products that can be added for a fee.


What products does Padder offer? Padder offers a free management platform to collect rent, manage maintenance, stay organized and more! Padder Approved is a rent guarantee product for landlords to enhance their rentals.

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