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Padder approved units make move in a breeze, give you financial certainty, and help you build towards your goals.

How it works

Get invited

  • Find a unit that is Padder Approved.
  • Get invited by your landlord to rent better.
  • Complete your onboarding and provide all required information.

Move in

  • We’ll send you the details before you move in.
  • Sign your Padder Approved agreement.
  • Move in with ease!

Padder has you covered

  • Sleep well knowing Padder has your back!
  • Use your savings for that new couch you’ve been eyeing.

What to expect from Padder Approved units

Rent Advance

We may defer the tenant's rent for up to three months.

Job loss protection

We pay the tenant's rent for up to three months without payback or penalty.

Cashless security deposit

We guarantee security deposits so you can spend your money elsewhere.

Credit building

We report the tenant's rent payments to the credit agencies.

Legal liability insurance

We pay the insurance cost for the tenant.

Rent Deferral

We may defer the tenant's rent for up to three weeks.

Take the speed-bumps out of renting

Your home is Accessible

Padder approved units have their security deposit fully guaranteed.

Your home is Protected

Padder approved units are always covered with fire, flood and theft protection.

Your home is Flexible

Padder approved units have your back with innovative financial tools.

Bank-level security

We have industry leading security standards, so your financial and personal information is always safe.

We’re here to answer any question you may have

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We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. 
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